Relationships & Dairy

Being lactose intolerant is like having a beautiful girlfriend you can’t kiss. Sometimes you just have to chance it and kiss her, because she’s so irresistible. Then you end up paying for it later.

It makes diary even more attractive, because you can’t have it. It like walking through a food porn isle at the supermarket. You’re thinking to yourself, ” look at that yogurt”,  or “that sexy box of cereal, I’d like to frost those flakes of corn”. Lol ok maybe not that intense. But being lactose intolerant and a pizza lover sucks.  It’s my kryptonite. Hot cheese, sauce and bread. I won’t kill for it, but I’d definitely risk a tummy ache for it. Every time.



To the chosen few.


Here’s to losers. The ones who dance funny at parties. The math geeks. The ones who would rather talk technology than football. Your only friends are a bandwagon of misfits. Here’s to the ones who thought a girl liked the them because she touched their arm for a second. To the pioneers who are dressed in thick framed glasses, armed with back packs, and underestimated at every challenge. So what? You were picked last to play kickball in school. So what? You were put down by your classmates, eating lunch alone, spending your Friday nights with a book and a cry. You held your glasses together with tape. You now hold your head up high. You got that girl. You succeed in life. Here’s to you loser. Here’s to winning.


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My silly food relationship


These chips are amazing
Lightly covered potato chips with just the right amount of sour cream and onion powder. Folks, it doesn’t get any better than this. Take a bite and feel the flavor dance on your taste buds, as you mouth says feed me more…. more. If it wasn’t for the obvious fat content, I’d eat a whole bag, seriously. When did these chips get so good? Why was I not informed till now? It is a travesty that there’s not much of a fuss about them. Well, I’ll cheer for you. Rock on sour cream and onion ruffles! 🙂

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