Refreshing bits


There are something’s in life I’ve found, albeit little, they bring me much joy.

1. Chasing spicier nacho Doritos with a cold Coke.

The sensation of the cold acidic Coca-Cola, running across a  burning hot tongue is so refreshing.

2. Cough drops with the liquid center.

You’re sucking on this little minty jewel until, wait for it, “BAM”. Extra minty lava pours from within. It’s like the north pole in your mouth.

3. Law & Order (any flavor episode)

That great moment at the end of the episode when I turn to my friend who’s watching along and I get to say, “See, I told you he was the murderer!”  and then there’s a last minute story twist and someone else did it.

4. Hot Apple pie with vanilla ice cream.

It’s like the pie and ice cream are making love in your mouth.

5. Oreos.

This mystery chocolate cookie. Dunk it in milk and feel like you’re 10 again.

6. The cold side of the pillow.

Simply put, YES!

What makes you smile?


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