Happy Holidays from Relationships & Cookies

Wishing every relationship peace and joy today and everyday.



The Disney Life

Wouldn’t it be grand if every day were like an episode of a Disney Channel show? The families always seem to work out any problems they may have. The problems are always not that bad. And… every episode ends in either a smile, a hug or a warm life lesson. That would be nice. No drama, no war, nor stress.

Unfortunately, the real world isn’t like this. You will be stressed, and the only lesson you will continue to learn is life is not fair. But thanks to Disney we can escape from the madness for an hour or so a day with our children and live a piece of that fantasy world.

Although we grow our inner child still needs room to play. This holiday explore you inner child, and have some fun.

Refreshing bits


There are something’s in life I’ve found, albeit little, they bring me much joy.

1. Chasing spicier nacho Doritos with a cold Coke.

The sensation of the cold acidic Coca-Cola, running across a  burning hot tongue is so refreshing.

2. Cough drops with the liquid center.

You’re sucking on this little minty jewel until, wait for it, “BAM”. Extra minty lava pours from within. It’s like the north pole in your mouth.

3. Law & Order (any flavor episode)

That great moment at the end of the episode when I turn to my friend who’s watching along and I get to say, “See, I told you he was the murderer!”  and then there’s a last minute story twist and someone else did it.

4. Hot Apple pie with vanilla ice cream.

It’s like the pie and ice cream are making love in your mouth.

5. Oreos.

This mystery chocolate cookie. Dunk it in milk and feel like you’re 10 again.

6. The cold side of the pillow.

Simply put, YES!

What makes you smile?

Relationships & Dairy

Being lactose intolerant is like having a beautiful girlfriend you can’t kiss. Sometimes you just have to chance it and kiss her, because she’s so irresistible. Then you end up paying for it later.

It makes diary even more attractive, because you can’t have it. It like walking through a food porn isle at the supermarket. You’re thinking to yourself, ” look at that yogurt”,  or “that sexy box of cereal, I’d like to frost those flakes of corn”. Lol ok maybe not that intense. But being lactose intolerant and a pizza lover sucks.  It’s my kryptonite. Hot cheese, sauce and bread. I won’t kill for it, but I’d definitely risk a tummy ache for it. Every time.


TV Relationships


Do women really love fat guys? From the days of,”The Honeymooners”. To the days of, “Black-ish” & “King of Queens”. We’ve seen the fat guy, skinny wife dynamic. Does this hold true in real life? Is this how Santa got Mrs. Claus? Well, then again she’s a BBW so I don’t know if that theory holds true there. Perhaps, big guys offer the warmth of a teddy bear, or comfort of a hearty laugh. Perhaps, it’s the the ability for bigger guys to care more, as they haven’t had as many encounters with women. Maybe not. Whatever the case is, maybe us men should drink our beers, eat like pigs and be merry. As TV would like us to believe, this is the way to attract a beautiful woman. Guys try it out. Check with your doctor first though.

Subliminal Fear

What is always an I interest of mine regarding Facebook, are the subliminal post by others. The ones where they’re talking about someone or something indirectly.
In a lot of ways the computer has become a shield, a tool to allow us to verbally attack someone or some issue anonymously. Sometimes it’s good as it allows us to vent, such as I am in this post. Sometimes, however, it shows just how much of a coward we really are when it comes to expressing ourselves to others.
One thing about Facebook, is as irrelevant it is to living a normal life, most can’t live without it. We yearn to be “liked”. It’s high school all over again for some, and for some a place to share our feelings about current events and family.
No matter what it is to you, be brave always. Express yourself always. Speak with love in your heart always.

Relationships & Gifts


Everything is not a Christmas gift!
But who am I to dictate what is a gift and what is not?

I watch holiday commercials and think to myself retailers must really be desperate. Like take for instance rent-a-center or Aaron’s Christmas commercials. Why would you advertise your products for Christmas? Who wants the gift of weekly payments for outdated furniture and electronics?

Or Dunkin Donuts. I can get coffee anytime. Ok, honestly I wouldn’t mind a box of those donuts under my tree, but that’s a different issue lol.

I guess it all comes down to the thought behind it. I remember packs of socks as gifts from my grandmother as a child. I never ran out of them. On those cold winter days, I doubled up on socks, because she loved me enough to get them. Where the gifts I received that cost more, like video game consoles and my first bike, I eventually out grew.

I guess my message to businesses this holiday season is, everything is not a gift and should not be marketed as such. My message to consumers, give what you can from the heart. Love is the greatest gift of all. Yet, no one advertises that, and it’s free.