TV Relationships


Do women really love fat guys? From the days of,”The Honeymooners”. To the days of, “Black-ish” & “King of Queens”. We’ve seen the fat guy, skinny wife dynamic. Does this hold true in real life? Is this how Santa got Mrs. Claus? Well, then again she’s a BBW so I don’t know if that theory holds true there. Perhaps, big guys offer the warmth of a teddy bear, or comfort of a hearty laugh. Perhaps, it’s the the ability for bigger guys to care more, as they haven’t had as many encounters with women. Maybe not. Whatever the case is, maybe us men should drink our beers, eat like pigs and be merry. As TV would like us to believe, this is the way to attract a beautiful woman. Guys try it out. Check with your doctor first though.


Subliminal Fear

What is always an I interest of mine regarding Facebook, are the subliminal post by others. The ones where they’re talking about someone or something indirectly.
In a lot of ways the computer has become a shield, a tool to allow us to verbally attack someone or some issue anonymously. Sometimes it’s good as it allows us to vent, such as I am in this post. Sometimes, however, it shows just how much of a coward we really are when it comes to expressing ourselves to others.
One thing about Facebook, is as irrelevant it is to living a normal life, most can’t live without it. We yearn to be “liked”. It’s high school all over again for some, and for some a place to share our feelings about current events and family.
No matter what it is to you, be brave always. Express yourself always. Speak with love in your heart always.

Pet Peeves


There are lots of things in life I cannot stand. Like traffic jams after work on a hot day. Or long checkout lines at the grocery stores. However, these few take the cake.

1. When people say, “thanks, but no thank you”.

You’ve already thanked them. Then you un-thank them. This makes no sense. If I don’t want something, I’ll say, “no, thank you”. Why is the additional thanks needed? Is this a way for people to try to be extra nice while displaying their disgust for something they don’t want?

2. The phrase “Hands down it’s the best”.

Who’s hands were up to begin with? Or are you demanding we put our hands down for something you think is the best. Sorry sir, I have an opinion too.

3. When people use “Labtop” instead of Laptop.

No need to elaborate on this one.

4. Chicken fried chicken.

Huh? How do you chicken fry chicken that’s fried? Would it not already be fried chicken? Why not fry it the way chicken should be fried in the first place? Or is that the point?

5. TV commercials at the movies.

Ok, if I wanted to watch commercials, I’d wait till the film aired on TBS.

6. When articles start with, “You should be reading this” or “You should be watching this”.

I’ll watch whatever I want. Thanks, but, no thanks! Lol.

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Relationships & Crazy


I love the crazy things in life. I believe a little bit of crazy is healthy. Now I’m not talking about weird creepy dude in the subway tunnel at midnight crazy. However, I’m talking about the grown person who still watches cartoons. I’m talking about the person who dips their French fries in their chocolate shake. Crazy things like prank calls and funny t-shirts. Or the crazy old man down the street.

A little crazy is good for us. It opens us up to vulnerability. Allows us the chance to step out of our norm. This is why television is so popular as art imitates life. Without craziness, there would be no entertainment. No pioneers. No game changers. Just bored grumpy people. Now what kind of world would that be? So in the words of Prince, “let’s go crazy”

To the chosen few.


Here’s to losers. The ones who dance funny at parties. The math geeks. The ones who would rather talk technology than football. Your only friends are a bandwagon of misfits. Here’s to the ones who thought a girl liked the them because she touched their arm for a second. To the pioneers who are dressed in thick framed glasses, armed with back packs, and underestimated at every challenge. So what? You were picked last to play kickball in school. So what? You were put down by your classmates, eating lunch alone, spending your Friday nights with a book and a cry. You held your glasses together with tape. You now hold your head up high. You got that girl. You succeed in life. Here’s to you loser. Here’s to winning.


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Food trap of love


So you’re on a date. You both order your food. You’re making great conversation, and then your food finally arrives. So you take little bites as not to seem like too much of a pig in front of your date. As your eating you then realize your food is undercooked and gross. Here comes the drama. You don’t want to complain to the waiter. If you do she may think you’re a jerk who complains all the time. If you don’t complain she may think you’re a wimp who can’t speak up and take control of situations. What if you complained, looked manly in front of her, and when the waiter returned with you food, you got a healthy dose of spit with it, Because now the waiter thinks you’re a jerk for complaining. Your date has now become a horror fest, as you continue conversation to cover up the gross dilemma on your plate. Undercooked food I shall eat then. Neither wimp or jerk shall I be. However, I’m hoping my stomach will play along until I return home. Guess who’s not getting lucky tonight. Oh well, I’ll tell her, I just want to take slow. Nicest guy in the world now. Win.

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Soul mates? Yes, I believe in that


“An unbroken circle in which wherever you go, you will return to one another”

That’s love. That’s romance. The very definition of soul mate. An ever flowing current of energy that keeps power flowing through a relationship.

That energy comes from the work you put into your relationship. The ever present desire to be together. Something unexplainable, yet attainable.

This love is possible for us all. Sometimes we stand in the way of the energy that leads us to our soul mate. “He or she is too short, too fat, too skinny, too light, too broke, too, like a brother, like a sister”. If you hear yourself making those excuses, and you haven’t found, “your special one”. I urge you to get out of the way of yourself, and catch the current. Catch the energy that will lead you to your soul mate. The energy which, wherever you go, you will return to one another.

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