The sweetest night, and the scariest night. You MUST read!


WIth blessings we are unfortunately having to seek help for expenses for our little one Lisa-Raquel. She was born to us on Oct 9, 2015 at 10:55p in TX. Such a beautiful angel she is. She was born unresponsive, and needed emergency assistance to get her going. As a dad, I cried a pray to God our Father to save our angel, and she has. Unfortunately, the road still hasn’t been easy. She has Hyperbilireubenemia (high levels of jaundice) that has kept her in the NICU at Cook Children’s, and at home on a special bed. Aside, from this all, my wife has been diagnosed with hypertension as a result of her pregnancy. Labor was induced Oct 8, 2015 and lasted 25 hours, asfter already spending a week in the hospital on a montor, mommy and baby.  All of this treatment is killing  a father who is already concerned about his angel’s health, and wife’s health financially. Insurance only goes so far, We’re looking for help with incurred medical expenses, and continued treatment expenses for Lisa-Raquel. Please find it in your heart to help our angel. Click on link below, even $5 would be a blessing. Or even just sharing this message. Tell Lisa you care. Thank you and God Bless.


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