TV Relationships


Do women really love fat guys? From the days of,”The Honeymooners”. To the days of, “Black-ish” & “King of Queens”. We’ve seen the fat guy, skinny wife dynamic. Does this hold true in real life? Is this how Santa got Mrs. Claus? Well, then again she’s a BBW so I don’t know if that theory holds true there. Perhaps, big guys offer the warmth of a teddy bear, or comfort of a hearty laugh. Perhaps, it’s the the ability for bigger guys to care more, as they haven’t had as many encounters with women. Maybe not. Whatever the case is, maybe us men should drink our beers, eat like pigs and be merry. As TV would like us to believe, this is the way to attract a beautiful woman. Guys try it out. Check with your doctor first though.


My silly food relationship


These chips are amazing
Lightly covered potato chips with just the right amount of sour cream and onion powder. Folks, it doesn’t get any better than this. Take a bite and feel the flavor dance on your taste buds, as you mouth says feed me more…. more. If it wasn’t for the obvious fat content, I’d eat a whole bag, seriously. When did these chips get so good? Why was I not informed till now? It is a travesty that there’s not much of a fuss about them. Well, I’ll cheer for you. Rock on sour cream and onion ruffles! 🙂

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