Relationships & Wal-Mart


My relationship with this place is a love & hate one. With more hate than love. Sure, the deals are sometimes very good, but that’s where it ends.

The wonderfully large mega store filled with needs and the not needed. Grumpy employees, and they have every right to be. It always seems to be 100 degrees in there, with unsupervised children running rampant. People walk aimlessly around, teased by low prices signs, and product displays.

A store so crowded, parking is a nightmare. Imagine parking 20 miles from the store doors, braving the sweltering Texas heat, only to reach your non air conditioned oasis, filled with everything under the sun, except the one thing you came there to get. Wait, Wal-Mart doesn’t carry my brand? You’ve gotta be kidding. But for some reason, I keep going back.