Relationships & Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving all. I don’t know how to cook turkey, but I can bake cookies. That was my job growing up on this holiday. In my family we’d all pick an item to cook, and I was on cookie patrol. I guess because it was the one thing that would be hard to screw up. Now as an adult, married with no kids, we eat turkey shaped cookies, cookie stuffing, and cookie potato pie. Just kidding, but that actually would make for interesting recipes. Anyhow, it’s for memories like this that  I’m most thankful. Wishing everyone a great holiday.


Tech & Relationships


Has technology spoiled us? Remember the days of kids going outside to play? Or when we ate dinner together sharing a conversation? Instead of looking down at our smartphones every 2 minutes. We knew our neighbors. We didn’t know who was calling before we picked up, we didn’t care. We watched TV together, and went on family trips. We couldn’t tweet about it or post pics. We spent our time enjoying those trips, and creating memories. We weren’t paranoid of each other as people. The lack of tech kept us innocent to a degree. Or simply ignorant to what was going on around us. Either way, each relationship and experience was personal. A physical letter in the mail from a crush, sealed with a kiss. Who wants an emoticon kiss? No perfume or cologne sprayed gently in that email to remind us of their scent. Yes, my friends technology has killed the fabric of relationships. However, has given us the ability to be in touch with the world. But at what cost?

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Oatmeal Raisin Cookies


Kroger, oh dear Kroger, you oatmeal raisin cookies are amazing! You, my friends, win the contest for the best generic brand food. I can just imagine the sweet old ladies working in your kitchens, putting that home made taste into your cookies. So sweet, and yummy that my teeth slowly chip away and cavity. What little sacrifice for your ever moist goodness. You should be banned in all countries. There should a prescription necessary to eat these delicious cookies as they are addictive.

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