Relationships & Gifts


Everything is not a Christmas gift!
But who am I to dictate what is a gift and what is not?

I watch holiday commercials and think to myself retailers must really be desperate. Like take for instance rent-a-center or Aaron’s Christmas commercials. Why would you advertise your products for Christmas? Who wants the gift of weekly payments for outdated furniture and electronics?

Or Dunkin Donuts. I can get coffee anytime. Ok, honestly I wouldn’t mind a box of those donuts under my tree, but that’s a different issue lol.

I guess it all comes down to the thought behind it. I remember packs of socks as gifts from my grandmother as a child. I never ran out of them. On those cold winter days, I doubled up on socks, because she loved me enough to get them. Where the gifts I received that cost more, like video game consoles and my first bike, I eventually out grew.

I guess my message to businesses this holiday season is, everything is not a gift and should not be marketed as such. My message to consumers, give what you can from the heart. Love is the greatest gift of all. Yet, no one advertises that, and it’s free.


Relationships & Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving all. I don’t know how to cook turkey, but I can bake cookies. That was my job growing up on this holiday. In my family we’d all pick an item to cook, and I was on cookie patrol. I guess because it was the one thing that would be hard to screw up. Now as an adult, married with no kids, we eat turkey shaped cookies, cookie stuffing, and cookie potato pie. Just kidding, but that actually would make for interesting recipes. Anyhow, it’s for memories like this that  I’m most thankful. Wishing everyone a great holiday.