Pet Peeves


There are lots of things in life I cannot stand. Like traffic jams after work on a hot day. Or long checkout lines at the grocery stores. However, these few take the cake.

1. When people say, “thanks, but no thank you”.

You’ve already thanked them. Then you un-thank them. This makes no sense. If I don’t want something, I’ll say, “no, thank you”. Why is the additional thanks needed? Is this a way for people to try to be extra nice while displaying their disgust for something they don’t want?

2. The phrase “Hands down it’s the best”.

Who’s hands were up to begin with? Or are you demanding we put our hands down for something you think is the best. Sorry sir, I have an opinion too.

3. When people use “Labtop” instead of Laptop.

No need to elaborate on this one.

4. Chicken fried chicken.

Huh? How do you chicken fry chicken that’s fried? Would it not already be fried chicken? Why not fry it the way chicken should be fried in the first place? Or is that the point?

5. TV commercials at the movies.

Ok, if I wanted to watch commercials, I’d wait till the film aired on TBS.

6. When articles start with, “You should be reading this” or “You should be watching this”.

I’ll watch whatever I want. Thanks, but, no thanks! Lol.

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