Fairy Tales


So you got married? Finally, here’s the woman or man of my dreams!  We’re going to have wonderfully behaved kids, a big house in the suburbs, great jobs, and it’s going to be the life I’ve always wanted. Then suddenly, you’re laid off, one of those cars broke down, your kids are out of control, and your partner is stressing you out. What are you to do? Most often times, people rush into these situations, and then give up, because it was not what they thought it would be. If you’re not married, take your time. Understand that it is more than a fairy tale, it’s work. It’s for those who are truly in love. Remember, love is not selfish, love never fails. However, lust is in the moment, and most often always will fail when the desire is gone. If you are married, learn to work together. The key to keeping the happiness, is to never forget what made you happy to began with. Take time to evaluate yourself. Ask yourself, “Do I still do the things that made him/her smile” or, “What made me fall in love with her/him to begin with”. Remember, that your spouse may grow over the years, but they are still “the one”.  Bring out that person in you both. Renew, Re-love your relationship.

-Route 26


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