Don’t forget the romance


A critical part of any relationship is romance. It is one of the ingredients you cannot leave out. Yes, there is another part which is critical to the survival of any relationship, sex. However, we’ll get to that part later. Romance to me is, doing the little things to show how much you care. It doesn’t have to be a trip overseas, or a brand new expensive item. It’s the LITTLE things you do to show you care in a big way. If you consistently nurture each other, you will began to embody true romance. Your homework tonight is to develop a pattern of doing little  romantic things to and for your partner. Practice makes perfect. Here’s are some helpful exercises.

Little things:

-The gentle kisses you give each other while laying in bed.

-Running your fingers through her hair, as she lay head head upon your chest.

-Leaving her little sticky notes of love around the house, so she finds them periodically through the day.

-Sending her flowers (Of course)

-Date nite (So crucial)

-Writing her a poem.

-Singing her a song. (Even if you can’t sing. She may tell you to hush, but it’s the quirky things like this that show you care.)

-For women, show interest in something your guy likes. Maybe his favorite show or sports team. Wear a shirt of his (trust me men like this). Or feed him grapes or candy.

-Route 26


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